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Raggedy Ann and Andy Theme Party Games and Recipes

Show and Tell

Invite your guests to bring their Raggedy Ann or Andy doll with them to the party! After everyone arrives, let each guest introduce their doll. Encourage them to share where they got the doll, what activities they like to do with the doll, etc. This is a great way to break the ice when the children donít know one another.

Raggedy Relay Race

For this fun activity, youíll need a backpack, and a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll for each team. Divide your guests into two teams and give each team a backpack and a doll.

Set a chair for each team at the opposite end of the room, or a short distance away in the yard (if playing outside.) To begin the game, the first person on each team puts on the backpack (with the doll inside) and runs to the chair. At the chair, he/she removes the doll from the backpack, sets it on the chair and runs back to the next person in line. The second person must put on the backpack, run to the chair and retrieve Raggedy Ann or Andy, and run back to the next person. The game continues until each child has run the course. The first team to finish, wins!

(For younger children, eliminate the use of a backpack if you think it will be too difficult.)


Read your guests a story of Johnny Gruelleís beloved rag doll pair! If you donít own a book, visit your local library a week or two before the party. Let the birthday child help choose a book to read at their party. This is a wonderful activity for keeping the children entertained, and helps to calm everyone down after rambunctious activities.

Surprise Package

This is a great game for younger children because everyone gets a prize!

Start by wrapping a theme-related gift in brightly colored giftwrap. Continue wrapping additional layers around the gift, adding a small party favor or sticker with each new layer of wrapping paper. At the party, seat your guests in a circle, and let the first child unwrap one layer. When he/she has discovered a prize, the wrapped gift is passed to the next child, and so on. As more and more layers are removed, the anticipation for what lies in the middle will continue to grow. The child who removes the last layer, gets the gift inside!

Rag Doll Faces

While youíre preparing snacks, keep the kids busy with this cute craft activity! Youíll need plain white paper plates, plenty of red or brown yarn, construction paper, glue, scissors and colored pens.

At the party, help your guests create their own Raggedy Ann or Andy face. Use the yarn for hair, draw facial features on the plate with pens, or cut out eyes, nose, etc. from construction paper.

Everyone will have fun making their own rag doll!

Delectable Treats

Pigs in a Blanket

Your guests are sure to squeal over these delectable delights.

1. Purchase your favorite brand of hot dogs, cheese, and refrigerator croissants.
2. Slice hot dogs lengthwise and cut cheese into strips.
3. Unroll croissants and stuff them with hot dogs and cheese.
4. Roll croissants back up and bake as directed, or until golden brown.
5. These delicious treats are so good, your party guests will clean every last crumb from their plates.

Don't be surprised if they make pigs of themselves and come back for more!

Candy-Heart Cookies

Create a treat thatís just as sweet as Raggedy Ann!

1. Simply make your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
2. Roll out the dough and cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter.
3. Bake according to recipe.
4. When cool, spread with a thin layer of icing and decorate with small candies.

For more fun, set out bowls of icing and candies, and let the kids decorate their own special heart cookie!

Tea Time

Serve up something warm to accompany your candy-heart cookies. Be prepared to offer your guests a beverage other than real tea, in case they do not like it. Hot apple cider or cocoa make wonderful substitutions. Serve beverages in tea cups for a special effect.

Sweet Baked Apples

Your guests will love this snack, without realizing how good it is for them!

1. Purchase a medium-sized apple for each guest (tart, green apples work best for baking.)
2. To fill each apple, youíll need approximately 1 Tbs. butter or margarine, 2 Tbs. brown sugar and a pinch of ground cinnamon.
3. Scoop out the core of each apple from the top without cutting all the way through (so the butter and sugar will stay inside the apple during baking.)
4. Fill the well of each apple with butter and brown sugar.
5. Set apples in a shallow baking dish and sprinkle with cinnamon.
6. Bake in a 350-degree oven for about 15 minutes, until apples are tender and sugar begins to caramelize.
7. Serve in bowls while still warm. (Top with juices formed while baking!)

Decorating Tips

Spread your tablecover on your party table. If your child has any theme-related toys, you can add them to the table for a more festive display. Cut several one-to-two-foot-long pieces of curling ribbon. Curl the ribbon by pulling it between your thumb and the blade of your scissors. Lay the resulting curls on your table for added color.

Hang balloons in bunches for the best effect. If you choose to fill balloons with helium, wait until the party day to ensure they float well! Use balloons to mark the party spot; hang them on the mailbox, near the front door, or tie them to the birthday child's chair to mark the seat of honor.

Place balloons anywhere that strikes your fancy. The more the better!

Gather six or eight streamers and attach them to the ceiling in the center of the party room (or over the table). Use a light fixture over the table, if you have one, as the center point for the streamers.

To create colorful two-tone streamers, put two differently colored streamers back-to-back, twist as you walk them to the wall, and attach at shoulder height.

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